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How do I join the Zilio’s Pizza Rewards Program?

It’s easy.  Download the “Zilio’s Pizza” App from your App Store.  Once you download the Zilio’s Pizza APP you are ready to start earning reward points and coupons.

Is it true that I can get a FREE PIZZA for just downloading the Zilio’s Pizza App?

Yes, it’s true!  Immediately after you download the Zilio’s Pizza APP you will find a digital coupon good for your choice of one FREE pizza, calzone, stromboli or salad.

Do I have to maintain a punch or plastic rewards card? 

The answer is emphatically no.  The best thing about Zilio’s Pizza App is that your reward points are cloud-based available 24/7 on your phone.  There are no cards to lose or to keep track of.   

Does it cost any money to join?

No, it doesn’t cost any money to join.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, there is a 16-year-old age requirement.  

How do I earn reward points?

Here is how you can earn reward points

  • THROUGH PURCHASES:  Every time that you make a purchase at Zilio’s Artisan Pizza you will be rewarded one (1) point for every whole dollar spent.          
  • REFERRING FRIENDS:  This is easy and its fun as you will instantly be rewarded 20 points every time one of your referrals redeems the Free Pizza Coupon they received for downloading our APP.  All you do is Invite friends to download the Zilio’s Pizza App. 

Besides reward points will I receive other benefits?

There are many ways that you will benefit from your Zilio’s Pizza Reward’s Membership.  Here are some of the benefits in addition to earning points:

  • When you download the Zilio’s Pizza App you will instantly find a digital coupon for your choice of one free Pizza, Salad, Calzone or Stromboli.  
  • You will find discount coupons and other offers.
  • You can share Digital Coupons with your friends.  This is a good way to motivate friends to download the Zilio’s App which earns you 20 points.   

What purchases are excluded from earning reward points?

That’s a great question.  You do not receive points for:

  • The amount paid for Sales Tax, Gratuity or for Delivery Charges.
  • The amount paid for the purchase of Gift Cards.
  • The amount credited your purchase for any promotional discounts.
  • Purchases made using your Zilio’s Pizza Reward Points.

How do I know how many reward points I have available to redeem?

Your points are always at your fingertips.  Through our Zilio’s Pizza App downloaded onto your phone you can check your points at any time.  Your points are always up to date and safely cloud-based stored.


It’s very simple.  50 points has a value of $5.00.  To check your points as well as their value simply open your Zilio’s Pizza APP.


Redeeming points is easy. When you are ready to redeem, you only need to provide our cashier with your cell phone number and tell her/him how many points you would like to redeem.  


If you have points you can redeem as often as you like.  

Will my reward points expire?

Yes.  Reward points expire one year one from the date issued.

Do I earn points for buying a gift card?

No.  Purchases for buying a gift card do not earn reward points.  The good news is, the person who receives your gift card will earn points when they use the gift card.

Do my points have any cash value?

Your points do not have any cash value.  Your points can only be used as a credit towards menu item purchases. 

Will you send me text messages or emails?

One of the additional benefits of downloading the Zilio’s Pizza App is that we will send text messages and emails when we have exclusive offers, discounts and events for our rewards members.

Can I opt-out of receiving text messages or emails and still use the Zilio’s Pizza App?

Yes.  You can opt out of receiving text messaging and/or emails at any time and still enjoy all the benefits of the Zilio’s App including reward points, coupons and on-line ordering.  If you do not want to receive text messages you simply send us a return STOP messages.  To stop emails send a reply STOP email.

If I have any questions who do I contact? 

Email www.service@ziliospizza.com




ENROLLMENT:  In order to enroll in the Zilio’s Pizza you must provide your name, email address and cell phone number.  Your personal information is confidential and will only be injunction with our Rewards Program.

EARNING REWARDS:  Members earn reward points by making qualifying purchases at Zilio’s Artisan Pizza Restaurants.  Reward points are not earned for any sales taxes, gratuities, delivery charges, for purchases of gift cards or for purchases made with reward points.  Reward points are not earn on the amount of any promotional discounts.  Zilio’s Artisan Pizza in its sole discretion may also award Members reward points and other awards, e.g., promotional discounts or free food for the Member’s specific behavior or special events.  Earned and redeemable reward points are only those point that appear in the member’s account which is managed by TribeFind Pro on behalf of Zilio’s Pizza LLC.

REDEMPTION:  Reward points may only be redeemed for food sold at Zilio’s Artisan Pizza restaurants.  Zilio’s Pizza, LLC at its sole discretion determines the exchange value of points for food. Reward points have no cash value.  Reward points cannot be redeemed for purchases of gift cards, tax, gratuity, cash, delivery charges or alcoholic beverages.  Members can elect to redeem their reward points at any time.

AGE RESTRICTION:  Members of our Rewards Program must be at least 16 years old to participate.

EXPIRATION:  Reward points expire 12 months (365 days) after the issue date. Other rewards will expire as indicated on the reward or coupon.

NO TRANSFERS:  Reward points are awarded to one individual member and are not eligible for transfer to another individual.

TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP:  Zilio’s Artisan Pizza may at its sole discretion for any reason and without notice terminate any Member’s membership.

MODIFICATION OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Zilio’s Artisan Pizza may at its sole discretion modify the terms and conditions of their Rewards Program.  Any such changes are immediate and the members continued use of our Zilio’s Artisan Pizza App and use of our Rewards Program confirms acceptance of the changes and agrees to abide to any modification.

TERMINATION OF OUR PIZZA FREEBIE REWARDS PROGRAM:  Zilio’s Artisan Pizza reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate its Rewards Program at any time and for any reason without notice.   If Zilio’s Artisan Pizza terminates its Rewards Program, Members will no longer be rewarded points.  Zilio’s Pizza LLC is not liable to Members for any damages or losses that may occur in the event that the Rewards Program is terminated.

TECHNOLOGY FAILURE OR INTERRUPTION:  Member agrees and understand that Zilio’s Artisan Pizza uses technology owned and operated by third parties including TribeFind Pro and that interruptions may temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the use of the Zilio’s Artisan Pizza App that operates its Rewards Program.  If a technology interruption occurs members will not be able to redeem or earn points until the App is fully functioning.  Zilio’s Pizza LLC is not liable to Members for any damages or losses that may occur in the event of technology failure or interruption.